We all need a hero sometimes, but we dont often get the chance to be one. Unborn babies in Brazos County need heroes just like you to help them get a healthy start in life. The Prenatal Clinic is a private non-profit organization that, for the past 33 years, has been providing comprehensive prenatal care and education to pregnant women in our county that otherwise could not receive it. Those services help moms and babies to be healthy right from the start.

The Prenatal Clinic is a success story of families helped and lives protected, and they are understandably proud of our record. Since the clinic opened, there has been over a 70% decrease in the number of women delivering at local hospitals without having had any prenatal care! That translates into more healthy babies in our community.

Today, the mothers of 12% of the babies delivered in Brazos County every year are seen at The Prenatal Clinic. Our community is richer, because of the efforts of the wonderful staff and volunteers, both community and our local physicians, at The Prenatal Clinic.

Unfortunately, the future of state and federal medical funding is very uncertain, while the need for quality prenatal care continues to grow. We all bear the burden when theres not enough prenatal care: a very low birth weight infant can cost a hospital over $1,000,000, a cost that is ultimately passed on to all of us.

If you would be interested in helping our cause, please click on the link below to fill out a donation form and send in your generous contribution today! Any size donation will help and all donations will be acknowledged. Thank you for helping us to bring more healthy babies into the world!

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