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In the Fall of 1984, a group of Bryan/College Station residents began investigating ways they could better aid the community. At the time, pregnancy outcomes for low-income women of Brazos County were comparable to outcomes of underdeveloped nations. What Brazos County lacked most was adequate prenatal care for indigent women.

By December 1984, a group was formed whose purpose was to establish a facility. In one year, they overcame many obstacles to open the clinic. One of the most difficult tasks was to convince the community itself that such a need existed. After hours of hard work and planning, The Prenatal Clinic opened its doors in December of 1985. To date, over 20,750 women have been served.

Since the clinic’s opening, Brazos County has transitioned from having one of the worst records for perinatal and infant mortality rates, to having one of the best records in the state. Much of the credit for this outstanding improvement is because of early, accessible, comprehensive prenatal care provided by the caring staff within the clinic. The Prenatal Clinic is a long awaited dream-come-true, not only for the group of citizens who helped to establish it, but also for the women and babies who need it most.

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